Gucci accelerates their e-commerce offering with a Mr. Porter capsule collection

Gucci X Mr Porter Capsule Collection


With Gucci’s capsule collection for Mr. Porter landing this Thursday, we take a look at the stand-out pieces that have been designed exclusively for a digital release.

The collection itself is an extension of Alessandro Michele’s technicolor baroque vision, with a variety of outfits catering to Mr. Porter’s traditional tailoring roots as well as the ever-growing streetwear movement. The capsule consists of 43 pieces – identifiable by the yellow tags – with Gucci’s popular floral and animal motifs appearing throughout. There’s a range of accessories and shoes in the capsule – including variations on the signature horsebit loafers – alongside belts, ties and sunglasses.

The collaboration represents another milestone for Mr Porter, having successfully sold crossover collections from Lanvin and H&M subsidiary COS. It also showcases an evolution to Gucci’s digital strategy, utilising existing e-commerce solutions rather than trying to build their own à la LVMH.


Gucci’s digital strategy enters a new phase

The collection itself is part of Gucci’s wildly successful digital strategy and represents a new direction for the brand. While LVMH look to build their own e-commerce behemoth, Kering appears to be tapping into the already established online giants to further extend their digital dominance.

E-commerce has been a driving force behind this ascendancy, with the brand posting the best sales figures since the Tom Ford days in April. Gucci’s organic sales increased by a huge 48.3% this year compared to performance in Q1 2016, thanked largely due to a 60% increase in online sales.

Partnering with Mr. Porter is a smart decision as it allows Gucci to maintain their ubiquity, whilst offering supporting stories to the brands’ main collection. It’s clear that an e-commerce strategy is going to be a key driver moving forward for Kering, highlighted by comments made by CEO Francois-Henri Pinault to investors in April:


“Tomorrow’s luxury isn’t based on heritage and artisanal excellence; there must be creativity,” Kering CEO  announced in April. “But creativity is not good enough. The implementation must be huge. Each team has to deliver to our customers, and organic growth will be amplified by the growing role of e-commerce in a cross-channel approach.


This isn’t the only partnership planned, as the brand look to launch a 90 minute delivery exclusively through Farfetch. We’ve already looked at how far ahead Gucci’s digital performance is to Prada, so it’ll be interesting to see how other luxury brands attempt to make up the lost ground. For the time being, the Gucci revolution is showing no signs of slowing.

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